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Carbon Off-setting / Trees

In 2010 we planted around 6000 trees on our farm as part of our Orkney holiday lets Bio-diversity plan. Common Alder, Birch, Hazel, Hawthorn, Ash, Rowan and Willows were planted near Brecks and its surrounding land. Hedging was also planted along the sides of fields stretching around 1000 metres in total.

We will be planting one tree per Orkney holiday booked at Brecks to help off-set the carbon emitted both getting to and from Brecks. Planting these trees will take place in Autumn and Spring and we hope to offer guests who are interested the chance to help out with the planting. More details to follow.

We hope that guests staying at our Orkney holiday accommodation will enjoy seeing the trees as they grow bigger each year, enhancing the beauty of the area and the wildlife they will attract.


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